2023 Scholarship Awards

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The Association of the U.S. Army is announcing the award of its national scholarships for 2023 valued at almost $330,000.

Forty-one scholarships are being awarded to AUSA Premium members.

Three full-ride scholarships are awarded for Trident University, an accredited online institution offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees that gives credit for leadership and professional experience. Each scholarship is valued at $48,000.

The recipients are Tavia Smith, Sgt. 1st Class Nicholas Smith and Angela Hall.

Tavia Smith is an AUSA member who wants to be a medical lab technician. “I am the youngest and will be the first in my family to attend college,” she wrote in her application. “This scholarship would make my dream of getting a degree in medical lab technology possible.”

Nicholas Smith, an NCO in the Army National Guard and a junior at Purdue Global University studying computer science, plans to pursue a career in cybersecurity. “I am committed to working hard and taking advantage of every opportunity to achieve my academic and professional goals,” he wrote in his application. “With your support, I would be able to pursue my goals with greater focus and determination and build a strong foundation for my future success.”

Hall, who is married to an Army veteran who served for more than 22 years, is pursuing a doctorate in education. “As a wife, a mother of twin boys and a part-time teacher, I must juggle these roles and do all of them well at the same time,” she wrote in her application. “This scholarship would not only alleviate the financial burden on me and my family but also enable me to focus more fully on my academic pursuits and extracurricular activities.”

Vuono, Medical Scholarships

A new GEN Carl E. Vuono Leadership Scholarship, worth $25,000, honors the former Army chief of staff who served on AUSA’s Board of Directors for 20 years.

The recipient of the inaugural Vuono Scholarship is 1st Lt. Morgan Mulligan, who serves in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. Mulligan is pursuing a master’s in business administration with a focus on technology management at the University of Pittsburgh’s Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business. “Receiving this scholarship would not only improve my personal financial situation, but it would uplift and ease the burden on my entire family,” Mulligan wrote when applying for the scholarship.

Another new scholarship this year is sponsored by the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium, a nonprofit biomedical consortium that collaborates with the Army Medical Research and Development Command.

This $10,000 scholarship is awarded to Sgt. Elizabeth Hernandez. A member of the Army National Guard, Hernandez recently completed the certification needed to become a paramedic, and she is looking to earn a master’s in physician assistant studies from Southern Illinois University. “I always believed that knowledge is key to success,” she wrote in her application. “Financial assistance would help me achieve my goals to continue seeking knowledge.”

Van Autreve Scholarships

Eight SMA Leon Van Autreve Scholarships are awarded in honor of the former sergeant major of the Army who died in 2002.

A $25,000 Van Autreve scholarship is awarded to Staff Sgt. Adam Godfrey, who has served in Afghanistan and is assigned to the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, New York. Godfrey, who has been accepted into the Institute of World Politics’ master’s program in statecraft and international affairs, plans to enter the Army’s Green to Gold program and become an intelligence officer. He also is working on a master’s in intelligence management at the University of Maryland Global Campus.

“I am uncertain where I may end up career wise, however I do know I would like to have a positive impact on my community and country,” Godfrey wrote in his application.

A $10,000 Van Autreve scholarship is awarded to Capt. James Moeller, who is preparing to complete his service in uniform and plans to pursue a master’s in business administration at the Yale School of Management in Connecticut. “My short-term career goal is to become an investment banking associate working in mergers and acquisitions,” he wrote in his application. “I am confident that I can truly have an impact in this field.”

A $5,000 Van Autreve scholarship is awarded to Erica Moore, who served in the Navy for eight years as a hospital corpsman and is married to an Army veteran. Moore is pursuing a bachelor’s in nursing science from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. “Even though I have the basis for a career in health care, it is just that, an entry-level position,” Moore wrote in her application. “These positions do not provide appropriately for my family and our future. … A scholarship would elevate financial stress, improve my focus at school, and balance my family life.”

Five Van Autreve scholarships of $2,000 each also are awarded. The recipients are Jazz’Myn McKenzie, a military family member who is preparing to study film and media arts at Chapman University in California; Illinois National Guard Pfc. Jordan Hazelman, who is majoring in elementary education at East Carolina University; Dominick Lind, a military family member who plans to study computer science at Colorado State University; Alice Pickett, a military family member who plans to study nursing at Purdue University in Indiana; and Katherine Pane, who is studying mechanical engineering at Harvard University in Massachusetts.

Cribbins, Chabraja and Merritt Scholarships

Two Joseph P. and Helen T. Cribbins Scholarships of $10,000 each are awarded to students completing degrees in science, technology, engineering and math. The Cribbinses were longtime supporters of AUSA and the Army.

The recipients are Robert Gudz, an Army ROTC cadet at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania who plans to become an infantry officer and pursue a career in special operations, and Christopher Ward, an Army brat and recent high school graduate who plans to pursue a degree in software engineering at Arizona State University.

Six Nicholas D. Chabraja Scholarships of $5,000 each are also awarded for science, technology, engineering and math, named for a former AUSA Council of Trustees chairman.

The recipients are Nathan Mayotte, an Army veteran who wants to pursue a master’s in economics at the University of Texas at El Paso; National Guard Sgt. Alyce Harlan, who is studying computer science at Oregon State University Online; Alyssa Saner, an AUSA member and student at Northern Kentucky University who aspires to become a physical therapist; Angelica Gonzalez Grado, a military family member pursuing a doctorate in mechanical engineering from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Victoria Stuart, a military family member who is studying to become a physician assistant at Trevecca Nazarene University in Tennessee; and Army Reserve 2nd Lt. Sarah Middleton, a student at Midwestern University in Illinois who is studying to become a dentist and hopes to serve in the Regular Army.

Two Gen. Jack N. Merritt Scholarships, each $5,000, are awarded in the name of the former AUSA president.

Gregory Mowle, an ROTC cadet at Rutgers University in New Jersey who is pursuing a master’s in social work and wants to become a military social worker, and Margaret Henderson, a military family member who has been accepted into the Army ROTC program at Virginia Tech and plans to study international relations and serve as an Army officer, are the 2023 recipients.

Completed Coursework and Delta Dental

Eight Completed Coursework scholarships, each worth $2,500, are awarded to help with debt from recent completion of college courses or professional certifications.

Recipients include Haven Habhab, a military family member who is studying criminal justice at Old Dominion University in Virginia and aspires to work for the FBI; Alexandria Gonzalez, a military family member studying business, fine arts and graphic design at Saint Leo University in Florida; Shelby Goodman Jr., a military family member who wants to study animation and graphic technology at Arizona State University; and Brenda Schannep, a military spouse who recently completed a bachelor’s in sports management from Grand Canyon University in Arizona.

The remaining recipients are Army National Guard Cpl. Domenick Bartoletti, a combat medic who is studying to become a doctor at the Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine in Ohio; Angela Hall, who is also a recipient of a Trident University award; Clayton Ulm, a military family member who plans to pursue a doctorate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and Micah Pate, military family member studying for a bachelor’s in visual effects at Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia.

Ten Delta Dental scholarships, each $2,000, are awarded to applicants pursuing health and wellness training, including dentistry, nursing, home health care or caregiver training.

Recipients include Joshua Brower, a military family member studying mechanical engineering at Liberty University in Virginia; Bianca Litavec, a military family member majoring in biomedical sciences at Auburn University in Alabama with plans to become a pediatric physical therapist; Jacqueline Boyanchek, an AUSA member who is studying neuroscience at Rhodes College in Tennessee; Parker Wilkinson, a military family member studying biology at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee who aspires to become a dentist; and Sarah Middleton, the Army Reserve second lieutenant who also is receiving a Nicholas D. Chabraja Scholarship to pursue her goal of becoming a dentist.

The other recipients are Madeleine Morgado, a military family member who is studying health sciences and psychology at Northeastern University in Massachusetts with the goal of becoming a physical therapist; Mark Mosser, an Army ROTC cadet studying mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who wants to serve as an Army chaplain; DeVincent McFarlin, an Army veteran studying organizational and industrial psychology at Grand Canyon University; Ryan Dukes, a military family member studying mechanical engineering at North Carolina State University; and Christina Herbert, a military family member studying occupational therapy at Methodist University in North Carolina.

For more information on AUSA’s scholarship program, click here.

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